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                                                       MaximPeptides Rewards

                                 Earn 5% cash back on all maxim products just for being a customer!

Maxim Peptides now rewards our loyal customers with FREE money towards your next purchase! You don't have to do anything different, just keep ordering your favorite products and be rewarded automatically!

Here is how it works.

For every TWO dollar you spend you will receive 1 MRP (MRP = Maxim Reward Points) For every 10 MRP's you can take $1 off your next purchase. So let's say you make one order totaling $100 and another totaling $200... You will have a total of 150MRP's to use toward your next purchase. That's $15 for FREE! So watch those points add up

So again just to make sure we all understand

Spend 2 dollar you will get 1 MRP

100 MRP's = $10 off your next purchase 

But we aren't done yet!

Also just for signing up for an account with us you will receive 10 MPR's

Signing up for our newsletter receive another 10 MPR's (remember 10 MPR's=$1 of free money at maximpep)

On your birthday you will receive 30 MPR's "For you to redeem you must enter your birthday at time of sign up"

Refer a friend another 20 MPR's

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